What would you do if you could help?

What would you do if you could lunch your project to the masses, using tools that you customize and connect with your favorite social networks and allow you to create a home, launch pad or movement according to your ideals, and goals.

We have been thinking, and due to timing, the need for a platform where you can create and manage projects ranging from humanitarian campaigns to creating your brand new store.

And our conclusion is to launch a attempt to a solution for this particular problem.

Today we are launching our platform design to help you the people create your first crowdfunding campaign, or online store, newspaper, magazine, real state map and social site, administer users roles and monetization tool and connect your favorite services, we are based on an open source platform called WordPress, and it allows our users to use tools to make their idea reality by reaching their audience and enhancing their effect in the real world.

We invite you to launch your first business, softball league or dropshipping site in minutes.

Help people around you by sharing your knowledge and creating courses, small schools or outright universities for your expertise today. Focus on location based needs and help the people that need it most by creating a distributed network of peers remotely creating together.

Join us today and for one subscription we will donate one to the cause of your choice and for a limited time we are opening all features from our premium plans to be basic subscription so people can help the most and mix and combine tools as needed.

And maybe we can move a step forward into a future where societies around the world start brainstorming about how we can help one another as we have done during this hard times where different natural disasters have struck so close together in time around the world.

Get started